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The Sibiu (Seaview) Nano

(Roy Petter Dyrdahl Torgersen) #1

Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you something we’ve been working on for a while: The Sibiu Nano:

We have been successfully working with our BlueROV2 since summer 2016, and it has generated revenue many times over what it cost us. It was and still is, a groundbreaking tool for anyone who wants to work in marine industries.

We have also shipped many BlueROV2s to other people, both in Spain and in other parts of Europe, and the feedback we get is unequivocally positive. But we have noticed that there is a gap between the cheaper consumer drones (most of which have not been delivered by the way) and the professional tool that is the BlueROV2.

We decided we had to create something that could fill this gap:

  • An entry-level tool for someone wanting to get into the industry
  • Small and lightweight, easily fit on a yacht
  • Affordable enough to be used for fun
  • Easy enough to assemble and disassemble for use in education

Using Ardusub & QGroundControl was a logical option for the Sibiu Nano. Not only is it what we use on a daily basis, we also took into consideration that everyone should be able to move from a Sibiu Nano up to a BlueROV2 at any time with zero learning curve when the need presents itself. We also wanted to make it as compatible as possible with the Blue Robotics product line so that you can take advantage of the global supply network already in place. Not all components are the same of course; we have had to make concessions in order to meet our target price and to differentiate the two ROVs so they don’t compete, but some can be used interchangeably, and several upgrades are Blue Robotics products:

  • Slim Tether
  • Vent plugs
  • BAR30 sensor
  • Lumen lights
  • Dome End Cap
  • Low Light USB Camera
  • Foam
  • Ballast

Finally, some of these components are being developed together with Blue Robotics, ensuring that the quality is up to the standards you are used to.

We launched an IndieGoGo campaign a couple of weeks ago, and only have a few days to go. During the campaign, ending on March 7th 1159pm PST, we are offering a limited amount of units at reduced prices. We are getting close to our next stretch goal, which means everyone gets a free dome end cap upgrade.

Published with permission from Blue Robotics