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Building a Sibiu Nano, Qgroundcontrol issues


Firstly, yes I should (and will) mail Nido Robotics directly too, I am just hoping that this might be a quick fix so that me and my sons may go exploring tomorrow:

So, after buying a Sibiu Nano Makers Kit, which failed miserably due to a burnt out 5V power supply, I have recieved a new version of the Nido Robotics Motherboard and assembled it into the ROV. Everything boots up, and I get a video feed and control over the camera servo via Qgroundcontrol.

However, the Lumen lights turn on, and are not dimmable or cyclable although correctly configured. (Channel 7, Lights1_brigther/dimmer on buttons that show activation when pressed)

Also, when calibrating the joystick, a “manual control lost” message appears after the first step where no Input is to be given. Then it accepts the first throttle up step, but throttle down is not registrered. This happens repeatedly.

The motors work via the motor test interface as well, so I am a bit confused on how to proceed. Any tip is appriciated, had this thing since mid-july but it havent been close to water yet.