Flashing Lumens on Update

I’ve just installed the new Ping and updating all of my software on my BlueROV2 Heavy. When I run an update for the Pixhawk, all the Lumens turn on immediately and one of them flickers a bunch and one just flickers a little bit. I’ve got a string of 4 of the original Lumens that have already been replaced once and only have a few dives in them, none more than 20’ in saltwater. Just thought I’d check to see if this was normal.

Also, is there a permanent link anywhere that lists the latest version of the software? Even if the latest update release was a sticky in this forum that would make life easier than trying to dig to find the latest version and changelog. Thanks!

The links on our downloads page and the ardusub.com website always point to the latest stable release.

About the lights, that’s interesting. It sounds like there might be some grounding fault somewhere, look over your wiring and make sure everything is snug and away. When the autopilot is being updated, the signal lines should be pulled low (off signal).

We have encountered some problems with the lumen picking up noise as signals before, contact support@bluerobotics.com if it becomes an issue.

Sounds good. I just did a full rebuild with the new 18 hole back plate and added in the ping. Love the new 18 hole plate except for the fact that you have to remove all the thrusters in order to thread the penetrators. I wasn’t expecting that when I sat down to do the build but all in all its all good. Glad to have some spare penetrators so I can add the gripper down the line.

Once I get all my softwares updated and things all checked out, I’ll run some tests with the lumens and see if there is a problem. Looking forward to experimenting with the ping!

Thanks for the link to the Downloads page. Somehow I had never found it and always ended up going to the ROV assembly pages to find links. Thanks!

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