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Thrusters and lights - CRITICAL Problems

Hi guys,

Last resort here, I have a BlueROV going out on on a job tomorrow, and a function test at 8 meters made the thrusters spin at max speed while disarmed, and the Lumen lights blinking at max brightness. The thruster problem is potentially very dangerous, let alone non-operable.

Any ideas??

Im guessing some sort of noise on the PWM bus, but I cant tell where.

The ROV is also signaling loads of FALSE leak alarms. The canisters are dry, and the leak LED on the PCB is not illuminated, yet there is still an alarm.

Do the problem persist after restarting the ROV?
I seldom have had problems direct after power on that instruments, leak sensor etc
is going wild, like depth 3000meter. After a restart the problems dissappeared.


The problems are very persistent. Have had blinking lights for a couple weeks now. Also! I just checjed and the Lumen lights blink even with the PWM disconnected. But only in proportion to the amount of thrust being applied.

How on earth did you get it down to 3000m? I had to replace every single item on the BlueROV after a dive to 300m and a dive to 150m. With rated subsea connectors on the bulkhead.

I even snipped the zipties for the daisychain lumen cable, just in case it was some sort of inducted noise from the bundled thruster cables.

3000meter was displayed on surface, instruments going bad at start, like your lumen i thought.

Since it is more than one unit you have problems with, i guess pixhawk output is source.
Either bad pixhawk, or could it be groundloop or so in the powersupply side?
Test to disconnect different cables/outputs from pixhawk and see if caracter of errors change.
If you have access to oscilloscope that is usable for tracking.

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The lumen lights still flash, with the lumen PWM signal wire disconnected inside the canister during a test-dive. Can a ground-fault in a thruster maybe induce enough noise in the power wire to the lights to trip the PCB in the Lumens?


If the thruster is not running there should be no interference.
Sounds more like lumen trouble.
But you have motor errors also, I would check more from Pixhawk.
Disconnect everything but not the item you want to check.

You could also test the lumen on motor output just to see if that output makes the lumen work.
In that case lumen problem is from Pixhawk.

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Check this post.

Will you solve this problem, I also am getting same error.