Old member re-introduction

Hi everyone,

Paul Unterweiser with Marine Simulation LLC, in North Carolina here. Some of you may already know me from here and other ROV related forums. For those of you who don’t, my company has been involved in the ROV industry for nearly 12 years and working with Blue Robotics for the past eighteen months on a number of projects, most notably the BlueROV2.

We’ve decided to take our relationship with Blue Robotics up another notch, and just a few days ago signed an agreement to become a distributor for Blue Robotics. Just like you, I am super excited about this new ROV and what the future holds for both the BlueROV2 and Blue Robotics in the future.

We will be offering a number of products and services, all related to or using Blue Robotics ROVs. Be sure to swing by and give us a visit! http://www.undersearobotics.com

We’re excited to be working with you, Paul!

Congrats, nice to see the BR network growing, great platform with a lot of potential going forward.

We will be making a similar announcement shortly as well.