A New Support Venture - Assembly, Upgrades, Repairs, and Demos!

Ahoy, friends!

My name is Griselda, but I go by G. Some of you may have corresponded with me via support emails. It is my pleasure to extend an introduction to Robo Artisans, the result of my almost six-year tenure at Blue Robotics, where I gained a wealth of experience building components and supporting end-users with their product inquiries. As I continue my work at BR, I am pursuing a personal startup through Robo Artisans. Shout out to the fearless leaders at Blue Robotics for fostering growth; thanks for your encouragement!

The idea is to offer comprehensive assistance to individuals and organizations in need of support with a diverse range of tasks:

  • ROV and accessory assembly. I can pick up the kit at HQ, build it, add on accessories, and ship them ready for the water in durable Pelican cases for ease of transportation to and from operation sites.
  • Upgrade your kit to the latest and greatest! Upgrades include but are not limited to Navigator+Pi4 autopilot stack, locking enclosures, heavy configuration retrofit kits, and replacement of outdated and leaky potted penetrators with Blue Robotics’ much more reliable Wet Link Penetrators.
  • Diagnose and repair faulty kits! If you’re tired of trying to find the problem or don’t have time to sort it out, I can help!
  • ROV demos. I can demonstrate the ROV capabilities and provide tutorials for those curious if the ROV will be the right tool for their mission!

I am excited to work with you case-by-case, regardless of the sector. I’m happy to accommodate educational and nonprofit organizations. Let’s explore all possibilities together!

These services are unaffiliated with Blue Robotics and are provided as a personal endeavor. If you wish to discuss your missions in more detail, please contact me directly at RoboArtisans@gmail.com.



I just found several email inquiries that landed in the spam folder. To avoid delays, I’d like to add my phone number to this post. Please get in touch with me at 714 421 6861.

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