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New Community Manager

Hi everyone!

Many of you will have noticed me responding to posts recently (as EliotInsight). I’m excited to announce that today I’m officially starting work as the new Blue Robotics Community Manager/Applications Engineer - so expect to see more of me in future!

Why now?

As @jwalser mentioned recently, the Blue Robotics team has been working hard on product development and support, but the ever-growing product lineup and awesome community have been too much to juggle effectively. I’m here to engage in and moderate the forum, so the rest of the team can spend more of their time focusing on developing and supporting both new and existing products.

Who am I?

I’m a mechatronics engineer who’s spent the past year working with, taking apart, and modifying ROVs and the software that runs and controls them. I love helping to bring people’s ideas to life, and am passionate about the sharing of knowledge for the furtherment of humanity and our understanding of the world around us.

What can you expect from me?

I’m here to answer questions about Blue Robotics equipment, discuss ROV and marine exploration ideas, and help support and grow this community. I may not be able to answer every question, but for those I can’t personally answer I should at least be able to direct you to someone who can, or provide you some guidance on where to look to find the information you need. You can expect responses from me within 1-2 working days, and I’ll do my best to try to pre-empt information you might need in my responses so that you can get any problems sorted quickly.

As an Applications Engineer I’m also here to help you develop products that work with and/or make use of Blue Robotics equipment. I can’t do your work for you, but I can give you an educated opinion on your product/use-case ideas, and I can help to provide or source technical information you need if it’s missing from our existing documentation. I can also help to walk you through connectivity or interfacing problems you’re having, or at least direct you to a relevant development engineer of a product you’re having trouble with.

What do I want from you?

A strong community is one that’s working together. If you’re making something awesome, post the details you’re able to share to the build category. If you recorded an interesting dive, we’d love to see it in the dive log! If you see a post you’ve got an answer to, or a discussion you’re interested in, chime in!

Part of my role includes the development of additional guides, tutorials, and resources. If there’s something you want to know how to do, or a design tool you think would be useful, let us know as a reply to this post, or in our feedback and suggestions category.

More generally, if there’s something you’d like us to improve about the Blue Robotics website, this forum, our products, or our documentation, that’s really valuable feedback so please feel free to share it with us :slight_smile: