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Updated Forum Categories!

Hi everyone,

Along with our new Third Party Products category, we’ve updated some of the other categories and added a few more new ones! These should help to streamline discussions and keep related topics together, while leaving room for future expansion :slight_smile:


  • Product SupportBlue Robotics Products, to make it clearer that discussion is welcome there, and better differentiate from our Third Party Products (which work with our components and vehicles but that we don’t directly sell or fully support ourselves)
  • Ping SonarPing Sonar Devices, to make it clearer that it’s for the full Ping family of products
  • BlueROV2 and ArduSubBlue Robotics Software, to provide a better space for questions about general software configuration, and our more specific software components
  • BlueROV2 and ArduSub/Builds and ModsBlue Robotics Vehicles/Modifications, since we already have a more general Build category for all kinds of custom builds, but still want a space to discuss modifications of our vehicles. Questions about building one of our vehicles can go in the relevant specific category (see below)


  • Cameras & WetLink Products categories in Blue Robotics Products, to separate out camera questions from more general sensors, and celebrate the launch of our WetLink family!
  • Companion & Ping Viewer categories in Blue Robotics Software, to make sure they get the love and attention they deserve
  • Blue Robotics Vehicles, to separate out vehicle discussions and questions from specific components, and make space for any new vehicles we could release in the future :wink:
  • BlueROV2 Heavy category in Blue Robotics Vehicles, so heavy-specific questions and discussion can be separate from the more general BlueROV2 ones.
  • Topside category in Build, to add a space for discussions and showcases of topside control units, power supplies, tether management, etc.

Feel free to make any comments or recommendations :slight_smile:

Happy posting!

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