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New 'Third Party Products' Category!

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce this new category, to more effectively discuss and support third party products!

While we’re proud to stand behind the products we sell and develop, there are plenty of ‘other fish in the sea’ making awesome products that complement and work with the BlueROV2, or just make use of our components. This space is for announcements/updates of such products, as well as discussion of and support for existing ones. It should make it easier to focus on what you’re interested and involved in, and also means that our distributors and other companies will be better placed to support their value-added products on our forum :slight_smile:

I’ve transferred over a few existing ones that I could find in our other categories, but if there are others you think should be here feel free to tag me (@eliotbr) to move them over. If you’re a company who’s made a product announcement post that I’ve missed feel free to move it, and if you’ve got products that integrate with our ROVs or other equipment/components then feel free to make an announcement about them! :smiley:

At the moment we’ve just got a few sub-categories for products we know there’s a lot of variety of, but as topics gain popularity and interest we’ll be splitting them out into their own sub-category for more focused discussion.