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Forum suggestion: sticky links to suppliers or parts

(Dale) #1

Could we have a sticky thread for links to suppliers, equipment or parts used in conjunction with BlueRobotics?

Things like topside controllers, slip reels, reels, cameras, wet matable links etc.

(Jacob) #2

Hi @Dale_A, thanks for the fine suggestion! The things that Blue Robotics officially supports will be in our store, however the community here has presented a wide variety of customizations, hacks and alternatives. We think these things are great! They provide value to our customers and community, and we encourage it.

There is a wide variety of subject matter and posts in this forum that could fit into this category. A single thread would be bloated with content and I think this might defeat the purpose of being useful. For now I recommend the search feature. See also the BlueROV2 Builds and Mods category. We will consider adding another tag/category so that topics like this can be found together in one place easily.