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BlueRobotics development ideas

(Richard) #1


I am just now getting informed of your companies work and I am excited to have your products available for my ROV project. Thanks for the work you have accomplished. Please put top priority to external connectors and tethering cable. You have solved the problem of a practical, inexpensive thruster and pressure chamber, all we need now to complete the package is the tether and connector.



(Harold Scadden) #2


You are asking for stuff that is already available without Blue Robotics having to do anything. You can modify their pressure proof housings to accept different types of receptacle / connector combinations and there are plenty of companies that make tether / tow cables for ROV use. Just type away in Google and you will find tons of stuff.

Please understand for them to come up with a custom “cheap” tether cable for you is going to cost them a metric ton of $$$. That is why I am pointing out the fact that the stuff you are asking for is already there. Just open your wallet wide enough and Santa will bring everything.


(Rusty) #3

@Richard - We are working on a lot of new products and I think you will be happy with them. Please check back for new products and join our mailing list at the bottom of this page if you haven’t done so already.

@Harold - These things are available, but the vast majority of those products are nearly impossible to find. You really need someone like yourself who has years of experience to point you in the right direction. For someone entering the field, it’s really intimidating and difficult, in my opinion.


(Harold Scadden) #4

@Rusty - What I find to be common is the lack of understanding … and this is because of lack of experience … that some of the things being requested cost a ton of money or even if the price is cheap there are minimum buys involved because the OEM has to control cost by pumping stuff out in volume. I guess the real point of my post was most people like to get things cheap. Heck who doesn’t but the price tag always goes up when the specification requirements start creeping out of the everyday off-the-shelf non-specialty range.

I remember eons ago when I started quoting stuff for the company when I got tossed into the design/fabrication role I would pester people for quotes and freak out at the cost. Overtime you realize what goes into making various components and how quantity impacts price, delivery etc… I don’t experience sticker shock anymore so I don’t always spec out something on here that is cheap, I find stuff that works.