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Blue Robotics is Hiring a Community Manager / Applications Engineer!

Ahoy Blue Buddies, it’s your boi Jacob checking in with a little reminiscing of the good old days, and a call for help (an SOS, if you will). The Blue Robotics forum has a special place in my heart. Since before I started working for Blue Robotics in 2016, I participated in this forum actively and nurtured it with attention. I used to be able to manage engaging every post here and develop the software for the BlueROV2, by myself. Some veterans around here will remember my presence and activity here. More recently however, me and my colleague’s (shoutout @patrickelectric and @williangalvani) responsibilities in developing and maintaining Blue Robotics products and software has left us with less and less time to monitor and participate in forum discussions.

The community and activity on this forum has steadily grown over the years, along with our product line, sales, and customer base. The amount of project show and tell, questions about product applicability, integrations, modifications and technical support questions has outgrown our team’s ability to address every post, to our disdain. In order to better serve this community and provide each member and thread the attention they deserve, we are hiring a full time Community Manager / Applications Engineer, who’s primary role will be to moderate this forum and engage in the multitude of discussions here on the Blue Robotics Forum.

If you’re reading this post, you are a potential candidate! This position can be done remotely, and scheduling is flexible. You can find the complete job description and instructions to apply on our Careers page.