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BR2 + Power + Slipring Shore trials

So this is a trial of another ROV for a client in Norway.

BR2 - 6 Thrusters
Surface power 750W
Ping Sonar
Fathom Spool with Power slipring
Surface computer



Those Pellican case topside units are super clean. Nice work.

What are you using for the display? Is it daylight viewable?


1000nits LCD 15.6 inch for the small units and 1800nits LCD 21 inch for the bigger ones.

Yes, that was the whole point. When contemplating buying a toughbook I realized I could make better for the same price.

If you don’t mind me asking, where are you getting your displays? I’ve been searching for a good 12" daylight viewable display for years. I’m currently using Toughpad FZ-G1 just for the screen, but I’d rather build my own hardware.

Makes sense. I’ll PM you.

Hi Etienne, can I buy you a top consol or a hdmi sun screen ??