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First Dive

(Heinz) #1

Finally got to test the ROV2 after many weeks of hard work. The tether reel works great and I could easily handle 200 meters on the spool. Since the ROV2 is connected to the reel I don’t need a quick connect as the entire case has wheels and is easy to transport. I use a waterproof rj45 patch between the reel and the control cabinet and I can pay out as much tether as I need.

Great job BlueRobotics!

(TCIII) #2

Looks good Heinz, nice work!



(Rusty) #3

Looking good, Heinz! I particularly like the case and sun shield. Well done.


(Heinz) #4

Thanks Rusty and TCIII. But without Rusty and Paul from Marine Simulation it would have much more difficult. Thanks for your help and input. I was real glad to have my long time friend Paul assist me on my first dive. But everything went well and just have to tweak a few things.