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Problems are solved,3D or 2D CAD files of the Heavy Thruster Guards

(Roar) #1

I wonder,do you have a 3D or 2D CAD files of the Heavy Thruster Guards?

Does not have much to do right now, so I’m going to mill a new bluerov2 frame in 1/2 thickness.(white)

I have made some changes,the height of bluerov2 is extended about 60mm,you can have 3 battery tube below instead of 1. (Bluerov2 will be 313mm high instead of 253mm)

Then you don’t need the Payload Skid (the bluerov2 will be 145mm higher with Payload Skid)

(Roar) #2

I managed to draw these up by picture,should be almost the same.
Soon i will cut these out,with my CNC Router.

(Mark Langille) #3

Nice work. White hdpe?

(Roar) #4

yes,White hdpe

(Luis Gamez) #5

hey @an-ron

What kind of inserts did you use?

Btw nice frame but if you did enlarge and customize the frame i would suggest to enlarge the base too so you can have the thrusters inside.


(devis) #6

Do you publish your modifications ?