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Revision 2.0 of my intake Thruster guards

(Tim Pierce) #1

If anyone is interested, the new stronger, slightly more drag but much more robust thruster intake guards are now online and available. These are open source, so you can use them as you see fit.

I’ll probably upload my tether parts sometime this weekend too.

(Kevin) #2

Awesome, thanks for making these available! What’s the difference between the 4 files?

Also, have you thought about making “knobs” on both your forward and aft guards (other file) so we can slip an a few o-rings on there to attach them to a thruster without the need for your reinforced mounts? That way, we can use them on a BlueROV2.

(Tim Pierce) #3

You’re welcome! The main differences are as follows:
2a and 2c are both reinforced flat printing guards with about 1/8 of the lower structure removed to clear a cable gland, with 2c allowing for complete removal of the guard without undoing the cable. 2d is the closest file to the origional guard and covers the full intake face. 2b is essentially just a flat plate. It prints easily and is the cheapest option, intended for use in areas where guard damage due to sticks is likely, but it also offers the least protection and probably the worst performance due to the eddies right before the water hits the prop.

The rear guard is also going to get an upgrade and some sort of alternative mounting will be included. Right now the easiest way without using my mount is to use zip ties off the main motor positioning arms, but that too adds drag. I’ll probably get those posted this weekend.