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A better thruster mount

(Tim Pierce) #1

Hi there. I decided to build a better 3d printable motor mount plate for your thrusters, because I keep breaing the stock ones. It’s open source CC-Attribution, so you can feel free to use, print and even sell them as you see fit. The project page for that specific part is available here:

I plan on adding an optional intake guard as well as soon as I get it finished.

I reccommend printing these in ABS or Polycarbonate, 100% infil, and paint sealing them probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. You will need longer stainless M3 cap head screws to mount these, and the outer holes are designed to accept an M5 bolt. There is also an optional internal flange for securing the mount inside the hull via a 25mm hole for added stability.

(Tim Pierce) #2


(Rusty) #3


Neat! Thanks for sharing this. For our info (and improvement of the bracket) can you tell me where the bracket was breaking?


(Tim Pierce) #4

Near the M3 bolt holes on either end of the mount, usually just forward of the first plastic rib towards the mounting bolt. 3 of the 4 I had break broke there. The 4th one actually split the M3 bolt hole at the very end. Maybe it’s just the ones I ended up with, but I could easily break any of them at any point on that bracket with minimal effort. They were just that brittle. The new one I would have to clamp with a vice and beat it with a hammer for a few minutes before it would even think about breaking.