T200 broke on second testing in water

I decided to turn up the gain and see how it reacted. The thruster broke off from the screws. Still didn’t get to test the software now. Is anyone else having this issue. I’ve been on this build a while now and testing our software out started today.

Hi @SaferHarbors,

Sorry to hear you’ve had issues with a thruster.

Do you know if threadlocker was used when mounting it? There’s a warning on the T200 product page that

From your photo, the brittle fracture of the thruster shroud around the screws does match the kind of failure we’d expect from an incompatible threadlocker being applied.

If that was the case, is there a more obvious/visible place where that warning could/should be?

If it wasn’t the case, please contact support@bluerobotics.com, and let them know your order number and any relevant context. If the issue was from some kind of manufacturing flaw or something with the thruster then we should be able to provide a replacement or refund as appropriate.

No thread locker was used. The thruster mount was not possible for it to back out so I wasn’t worried about it. The screws stay pressed against the frame.

I will email support. I have extra thruster components . Looks like I should be able to swap it without having to remove the wires.