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Cracking T100 Shroud

(Hugh Somerset) #1


Is anyone else having the problem that the plastic of the shroud is cracking around the mounting section of the shroud. It seems to have been caused by use over time (we’ve been using these thrusters for 6 months) and there is cracking all around the plastic on both thrusters. Since the beginning I’ve been worried about over tightening the bolts but I suppose the repeated mounting/dismounting is the problem.

Could we get replacements for the shrouds as I’m worried they are going to fall apart.


(Harold Scadden) #2

It is not my design, but I am going to say that based on using PEM nuts etc. that you will end up with cracking in that area shown in your photos. The issue here revolves around torque specification or lack of one. Since the material is plastic and that they are held captive … you can’t apply a lot of force when you are mounting the items or you are going to stress the plastic. If it doesn’t crack it then, vibration etc. is going to help contribute to the problem with long term use. It is just a fact of life.


(Rusty) #3

Hi Hugh,

Interesting - I’ve never seen one crack like that. We see hairline cracks right around the threaded inserts occasionally, but never through the entire nozzle. What screws did you use to attach the thruster and how tight did you tighten them? If the screws were too long they will push directly on the plastic as you tighten, which could cause this.

Please email me and we can see what we can do about getting a replacement sent out to you.



(Rusty) #4

Just fyi, we added a replacement nozzle to the store for anyone who needs an extra:


(Jeremy) #5

While this is an old topic, I’ve just found identical cracking in all six thruster shrouds on my BROV2. The ROV has been in storage for about 6 months and I didn’t notice any issues while in use before then. Very strange. . .

(Jessica Duncan) #6

We haven’t put a lot of wear on our motors yet, but does anyone have any ideas to try and prevent this from happening? How is it exactly caused??

(Hugh Somerset) #7

Make sure you use the provided attachment brace instead of directly bolting the thrusters to your craft. I think our repeated attaching and removing of the thruster using its built-in metal inserts put stress on the surrounding plastic which could have been avoided.

Then again, I wonder if the torque applied from repeatedly screwing the thruster in place compares with the torque/ force from the thruster being used.

(Anthony White) #8

Was the ROV stored indoors? Was it subjected to violent launches? I’ve repeatedly launched the BROV2 from 10 to 15 feet up (into water) and have not seen any cracking on thrusters…