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I need a new T-100 mounting bracket

(Tim Pierce) #1

Hi there. I’m putting the finishing touches on my ROV, and I went to work on it yesterday and discovered that the port motor mounting bracket had cracked just inside the front mounting screw hole on the side closest to the motor. I’m fairly certain it cracked under just the weight of the motor. The screw did not appear particularly over tight, and I’m pretty sure no one else hit the motor or knocked it around any. I’d just buy another bracket if they were available in the store, but they aren’t.

You might want to consider some structure changes to future production runs. I’d probably just make the last 4-6 hollow sections under the mounting hole on either end solid, thicken the narrowest section by another 2mm, and maybe add provision for 2 mounting holes at either end to allow for mount redundancy.

I dunno, maybe I just got a bad casting.

(Rusty) #2

Hi Tim,

Sorry to hear that the bracket was damaged. I wonder how that happened. We’d be happy to send you a replacement immediately. We’ll send it to the same shipping address we have on file if that’s alright? Send me an email at rusty@bluerobotics.com if you want me to send it elsewhere.

In terms of changes, those are good ideas. We’ll definitely consider two mounting holes and each end and thickening it up for future runs.



(Tim Pierce) #3

Thank you very much, I appriciate it. I don’t see any voids in the casting itself, so no real clues at the breakpoint. the plastic overall seems pretty sturdy. Maybe this one was just stubborn coming out of the mold at the factory and had a bit more stress than it should have at the break point? I don’t know.

Same address you have on file for me is fine. Thanks again!