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T100 Mounting Bracket & Blue ESC CAD

(Olli Massala) #1

Hi, I am working on making a design for a MATE ROV for next year, and wondered if you guys have a CAD of the t100 mounting bracket, and the t100 with the blue esc as I am planning on making a robot using those, and you have a very nice cad of the standard t100 thruster. Hopefully you have a cad lying around somewhere so you could post it for us.

(Rusty) #2


We’ve got CAD models of the bracket available on the T100 Thruster store page (under “Resources”) and on the thruster documentation page.

We still need to post a model with the BlueESC included. I’ll make sure that’s on the to-do list and try to make it available soon!


(Olli Massala) #3


Thanks, I dont know how I missed that, Ill try to be more attentive in the future, and don’t feel the need to rush that on my part, I can just put that into my cad later, as it shouldnt have influence on the mechanics of my design, which just uses the mounting plates as a rotating joint for vectored thrust.