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Front and rear center panels BlueROV2

Hi everyone. I am making my own design for the front and rear center panels for the BlueROV2. I want to mount the thrusters at a 45 and 30 degree angle but I cannot get the exact positioning of the holes, the dimensions between them etc. If anyone can help me with it, I will be grateful.

I also want to mount the vertical thrusters but I am mounting them at a distance from the side panels. Almost 35-40mm. I need some kind of connector or joint to connect the side panel with the thrusters. If anyone has any ideas regarding this, it would really help.
Thank you.

Hi @Tamim,

I’m not certain I’m understanding you correctly, but the thruster holes are in a 19mm square, as specified in the T200 technical details (both in the data table, and in the ‘Top’ view of the 2D Drawings. There’s also a 3D model of the thruster there that you can download and use in your CAD program to make sure the holes are lined up correctly.

If you’re after the hole positions on the current BlueROV2 frame they should be measurable in the 3D model in the BlueROV2 technical details.

Please let me know if something isn’t clear or if I’ve misunderstood the information you need :slight_smile:

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Hate to be the one to ask, as there is so much good info on the BlueROV2, but are the 2D drawings in CAD available for those who don’t have 3D or who work in 2D?


As far as I’m aware we don’t provide 2D CAD drawing files for any of our products - just 3D bodies, and images of drawings for critical dimensions. If you want I can ask our engineering team if we’re able to add 2D drawing files to our website.

Which drawings are you after in particular? Are you specifically wanting the T200 ones, or the BlueROV2 frame panels asked about in this forum question, or more generally would just want 2D drawings available for all our manufactured products?

There are several free or low-cost 3D CAD programs (here’s a recent list, although some there are 2D), so this doesn’t seem like an issue unless working with computer specs that can’t run 3D CAD, or don’t have the storage space for it.

This is a possibility, although I imagine the utility of 2D drawings is quite limited without a linked 3D model to perform additional section views or hide some components in an assembly and similar. As someone who works primarily in 3D CAD, and only creates 2D drawings if manufacturing a simple part by hand, I’d be intrigued to know of potential benefits to working in the 2D realm, without the software being able to link different views together in the background :slight_smile: