Vectored Thruster mounts

Greetings enthusiasts,

Anyone happen to have printable thruster mounts for the bue rov1 kit to mount the t200s into a vectored config?



I’ll let you in on a secret, if you have the original BlueROV kit you already have one mount for a vectored thrust design. What I did when I designed my prototype vectored thrust ROV (see attachment) was to take the “rear vertical thruster mount” and ordered 3 more just like it from Blue Robotics. Then I took a hand drill and drilled 4 new holes so the thruster would be at 45 degrees. Then I mounted all 4 thrusters to one of the aluminum extrusions. While I was at it, I also designed a new frame that was very similar to the original BlueROV frame and had it laser cut at Pololu. Voila, new vectored thrust ROV design. :slight_smile:

HA!, Awesome Paul, thanks. That’s exactly what I was thinking last night. Well, not exactly, but close.

I’ll let you know how it goes!


While I’m thinking about it, I may not need this frame anymore. If you’re interested let me know. I’m in NC so not far from you.

I am. How do you private message on this forum?

@Jim - I don’t think this forum supports private messaging. I posted my email address in a private message to you on another forum we both frequent (hint). :wink:

Dear paul,
If i place the thruster at 60 deg, how much change will occur in thrust , as well as in position, any idea or calculation ?
Waiting for your response…

@Muhammad, going by the assembly guide…

When your horizontal thrusters are set on 45° you get equal thrust in all four directions. When they are set on 30° you gain 25% forward/back and lose 25% on the laterals.