About the Thruster installation angle

When I installed BlueROV’s thruster, it didn’t look vertical. It may have no effect on the actual operation, just make me somewhat obsessive-compulsive disorder.



Hi @zjuuuuuu,

The holes are arranged on the thruster so that when attached to the circled holes they will be at about 45 degree angles. The angles are not exactly 45 degrees on the front and back.

What do you mean by not vertical?


Hi ,
Is there a special design I didn’t understand to leave an angle?

This is so that the thrusters are mounted at an angle with with the ROV.
The thrusters will look like this after you mount them:

There are 8 mounting holes so you have two angles to mount the thrusters. One angle provides better forward movement performance, and one angle provides more even forward/sideways performance.

Hi @zjuuuuuu, the “symmetrical and beautiful” arrangement would provide exactly 45 degree angled thrusters. The “What is the meaning of such a slight angle” arrangement is not exactly 45 degrees. We set the thruster angles slightly differently from 45 degrees for better performance.


Hi @rjehangir, more details? I think I can not understand and “better performance” may be more general.
Thank you very much.

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Hey @zjuuuuuu,

You can find that explanation in the building guide.

Hi @luisgamez,Thanks


As @zjuuuuuu, I noticed this and I’m a bit confused about it.
In the building guide it is said that "The horizontal thrusters have two mounting options. One is at a 45° angle to forward, and the other is at a 30° angle to forward. " So, not “about” 45° or 30°.
I measured on the 3D (downloaded on your website) that the 45° angle is actually of 42° (Thrusters 1-2) / 48° (Thrusters 3-4) and for the 30° they are of 30° (Thrusters 1-2) / 33° (Thrusters 3-4).

Maybe it would be better to be more explicit in the guide so people don’t make mistakes, as Thrusters orientation is a parameter for ROV control.

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