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New t200 thruster w/onboard blue esc

(stork-s) #1

Hey Rusty,

Just a note to check in and say HI! We’re back in MATE mode, and the kids and I were wondering when your T100/T200 thrusters with the onboard Blue ESC would be available? We’re into our revision cycle for our MATE ROVs right now, and we’re looking to simplify our power and control solution by having onboard ESCs.

Any thoughts or info on the new T100/200 thrusters?


(TCIII) #2

Putting the ESC into the Thruster does not necessarily simplify the power and control solution. Instead of one cable (ESC drive signals) you have two cables. One for power and one for control. Here is a picture of my BlueROV2 using the BlueESC T100 Thrusters to give you an idea of using Thrusters with built-in ESCs:


Power Cable attached
Completed Power Cable Assembly


(Adam) #3

Hi Stork,

Actually, the revised BlueESC will now have a single cable for both power and signal. We can do this now since we have eliminated the I2C functionality, and the PWM signal line can be in the same cable jacket with the power wires.

The new revision of the BlueESC is still under development, and will likely not be available for at least another month. Interfacing with the BlueESC will be exactly the same as with the BasicESC, with the single exception that the BlueESC is mounted directly on a thruster instead of in a watertight enclosure. You can still definitely place the BasicESCs on board your ROV, and would recommend going this route versus placing them topside.

You may have already read it, but here is an aticle I wrote recently for MATE teams that you and the team may find useful.


(stork-s) #4

Hi Adam,

So I’m looking at the webstore, and I don’t see any reference to the T100/T200 thrusters w/integrated Blue ESC. Have you all abandoned the new thrusters entirely? If not, when do you expect to have them back in stock?


(Adam) #5

Hi Stork,

The revised BlueESC is still under development. There were a few issues that took a bit longer than expected to work out, but we are still actively working towards a release. We do not have an estimate for when we expect to have them available.