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T200 Hardware Issue

Hi Bluerobotics

I am having a problem with one of the T200 thrusters.
I have been using the bluerov for some initial testing without issues with any of the thrusters, but today when testing it in the pool one of the thrusters suddenly stopped working.

The thruster was just oscillating in place, and making a beeping sound.
The problem persisted between multiple ESC’s.

I tried testing it with a multimeter, and there is no connection between one of the wires and the two others.
When disassembling the thruster there appeared to be a tiny hole in the epoxy at the wire, leading me to fear that some water might have penetrated the thruster and short circuited it.

Best regards


Hi Christian,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble! We’ll be happy to help you figure this out. I have a couple quick questions:

  1. How were you operating it when it failed?

  2. What environment have you been operating it in primarily?

This sounds like a damaged wire internally. Please send me an email at support@bluerobotics.com and we’ll get this taken care of immediately.


Hi Rusty

Thanks for the quick answer.

  1. We were simply diving around in our pool environment, when all of a sudden the thruster stopped, and the vehicle started drifting to the side.
  2. We have only been operating in our indoor pool with it, there where some small particles on top of the water due to dust, but otherwise clean water. The thruster has run for less than an hour in total before it failed.
Thanks I will send you and email :)



Okay. Sounds like a defect from our end. We’ll get that replaced immediately. Thanks for emailing. I will follow up there.



I just wanted to follow up here.
Thank you for the quick response, we have received the replacement motor, and got the motor fixed.
So everything is good again.

Best regards



Great! Thanks for following up here.


Great customer service, Rusty!

@stepper75 I replied to you via your e-mail.