T200 Hardware Defect

Hi BlueRobotics

I’m having some issues with the T200 thrusters in general. They seem to be very fragile as I have been experiencing two thruster defects in only two days.

I have been using the thrusters on a BlueROV just swimming around using an xbox joystick in an indoor pool. The 1st defect was thruster #1 in the BlueROV configuration, whereas my 2nd defect was thruster #2.

The defect is exactly the same as decribed by https://discuss.bluerobotics.com/t/t200-hardware-issue/ where a multimeter shows that the connection between one of the wires and the two others are broken.

Do you have any such experience and do you know how I can avoid this in the future. I was thinking about putting a limit to the maximum amount of thrust or maybe lowpass-filtering the thrust command signal in order to avoid quick bursts.