Repair T200 Thruster

I have a T200 thruster which is no longer behaving as it should despite it having been treated according to the manufactures notes (do not run dry above water). After some troubleshooting, I’ve come to the conclusion that the motor is theoretically dead (or inoperable).

I can see on the BlueRobotics store, the M200 motor and the duct housing, but no motor-mountable housing. Has anyone here given home-repair a go for either the T100 or the T200 thrusters? Do I need to chip away at the resin securing the cable to the motor on the motor-mount?

Hey Chris,

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble! Is the motor doing anything when you try to run it? Did it run properly at some point? What sort of conditions was it run under?

The M100/200 motors cannot be installed in the T100/T200 thrusters - they’re similar but not a drop-in fix. If your motor is dead for no reason then we’ll be happy to send you the replacement parts.

Let me know what’s going on and we’ll get it back in the water soon.