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T200 Thrusters Rattling


We purchased 6 of the T200 thrusters and are beginning to test them. We noticed a rattling sound coming from one of the thrusters when testing. We’ve taken the housing and propeller off to try to diagnose the issue but don’t want to move forward without getting some advice here. Here’s a video of it happening: https://youtu.be/gIhVOFxeOUw

You’ll notice that the orientation of the motor has an affect on the amount of rattling.

Has this issue come up before? If so what are some common solutions to this or should we return it for a new one?


The thrusters are lubricated by water it has to be in the water for it to work properly. And you can only turn them on outside of the water for a little bit. I think it even says so on the blue robotics web page.

That’s normal. T200 Thruster Usage Guide: Clicking Noise