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T200 needs servicing

One of my T200 thrusters will start to scream at higher RPM’s. Often it will then freeze up. If I back off the power, it will recover and start rotating again. I guess that this might be an issue with the bearings?

Is this something I can repair myself? Or can I send the T200 back to BlueRobotics for service?

What is recommended?

Hi @donoldham,

Can you clarify if the behavior described occurs underwater?

Our thrusters should not be run in air for more than a second or two in a quick tests, the bearings are cooled and lubricated by water and running them dry in air will lead to damage. The behavior you are describing is exactly what would be expected if they were run in air.

If this in underwater, you can open up the thruster and inspect the bearings/remove any debris you see. Directly inspecting the bearings for wear or some other issue will be the most telling.


I am aware of the prohibition against running the thrusters in air, and have religiously avoided that. The behavior occurs under water.

Do you sell spare bearings?

Are the bearings worn and no longer holding the rotor concentric? If you need new ones, its best to message our support at support@bluerobotics.com.