T200 Testing Outside of Water

Hello. I currently have a limited water testing environment for my thrusters, and I saw in the product documentation that extended operation outside of water is not recommended.


  1. Is there a "safe" time limit to operate a thruster outside of the water? I plan on operating at full forward and full reverse thrust.
  2. After operating outside of water, I'm assuming it'd be a good idea to run it for a little bit in the water against to lubricate the bearings. Will it be okay to re-do out-of-water testing after lubrication?

Hi Joseph,

At full throttle, I would recommend running for more than 30 seconds to a minute. At low throttle, you can run for much longer. If the thrusters start to slow down or current rises, that may indicate that the bearings are overheating and should be allowed to cool down.

After operation in water, the thrusters can be run out of water (but still wet) without any issues. Once they dry out again, the normal recommendations apply.