T200 Grinding and Not Spinning


During a recent water test one of the six T200s on my ROV started failing. At the beginning of the test everything was fine, but after around 30 minutes it began to fail. Now testing it, I only can get it to spin when it is at almost full power. I do hear a grinding noise from this thruster when it is at lower power so I know it is getting some signal, but it is not enough to move. I have used this thruster for about 2 years now, so it could just be its expected end of life. I followed the troubleshooting section in the thruster usage guide, but everything from there seems fine. The thruster spins freely, the escs complete the correct beeping sequence, all the connections are tight, and the resistance is almost correct (.3 ohms for each pair). Should I replace the thruster or are there other steps I can take before making this investment?

Makenna Reilly

Update: I had ruled out debris inside of the thruster previously due to that fact that it spun freely and the only operation of the thruster had been in an indoor pool. Today I opened it fully up and did a thorough clean. I found some sand and other particles inside and tested the thruster again after this clean. At first, it was having the same issues that it did before but within a minute of testing for 10 seconds and waiting for 10 seconds it was working normally again. For now, I will count it as fixed, but if it breaks again I will reply to this thread to see if anyone has any ideas.

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