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T200 Thruster Not spinning

(William Gallagher) #1

[Encountered some decay matter on a lake bed which got into two thrusters. cleared them away but one thruster not spinning. the prop attempts to spin but stops…(like power to thruster) I removed the prop thinking the stuff wrapped around it, but not so, some water did drip out of the thruster… my BlueROV2 has less than 40 hours of usage…thruster goes bad?


(Jacob) #2

Hi Bill, The thrusters have a flooded design, so the water coming out of the assembly is normal. Are you able to spin the motor by hand?

(Brian Hoover) #3

Hi Bill, Can you take a quick video of the thruster trying to spin? If the propeller is just oscillating and not spinning, one of the phases might be broken. This can be verified by using a multi-meter to check the resistance between each of the 3 wires. They should all be around the same resistance, 0.18 Ohms. Sometimes this can happen if the thruster gets jammed or is shocked. Unfortunately, if one of the phases is broken, the thruster core will need to be replaced. Thruster Core

(William Gallagher) #4

Sorry, long delay on my reply. Concussion relapse. Found disconnected wire on thruster number 3. wires are white, green, and blue. from the bottom of the motor terminal working up, what is the correct color sequence to connect wire to???
Thanks …

(Kevin) #5

@RogueWave No problem, here’s the wiring diagram for BlueROV2s manufactured before March 2017:

(William Gallagher) #6

Thanks a million…happy New Year