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Thruster suddenly not working

(arif) #1

hi blue robotics

i have an blueROV2 that converted to AUV using arduino uno as my controller.

then when i upload a new coding and run it, 1 of my thruster did not working. when i took it out from water and switch on on air. 1 of my thruster that did not working produce like a sizzling sound and get hot.( but i still can rotate the blade using my finger manually)
my questions are why that kind of situation happen and can i use my thruster again/repair or it permanently broken?

(Anthony White) #2

Hi Arif -

That sounds like a weird one! Did any object (seaweed, rope) tangle in the thruster that is no longer working? If you use a multi-meter to measure the resistance between the three motor wires (2 at a time, 3 combinations) are any open-circuit or a high resistance? If you try to run the motor, does it jiggle or make any high pitched noises?