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Stuttering Motor

(Drew Fulton) #1

I have a brand new BlueROV2 that I am putting the final touches on. I’ve armed it and testing all the motors. A couple were spinning the wrong direction which was easy to change in QGroundControl but the port side vertical thruster is stuttering and never getting up to speed. I’ve detached and reattached all the connections inside. Not sure what else to do. My starboard front thruster also was generating very little air movement but appears to actually be spinning unlike the vertical one. Again, brand new, never been in the water. Just a couple arm tests today.


(Anthony White) #2

Hi Drew -

Do you have a multi-meter? If so, taking a resistance measurement between the motor wires (3 wires, 3 potential pairs) should tell you if it is a connection issue, or a more serious issue (failed thruster.) You don’t want to measure open-circuit or a high resistance between any of the wires, if so the thruster may need replacing…


(Drew Fulton) #3

Sorry I never updated this thread. After some testing, it was determined to be a faulty thruster, not ESC, and BR has replaced the thruster. I have returned the thruster to BR so hopefully they can figure out exactly what was wrong.