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T200 Thruster slow and sluggish

(Grace Liu) #1


I have two T200 thrusters. They both worked fine in the past, but I just changed one of them to be counter-rotating and now that thruster is slow and sluggish. It will run super slowly for a while and then just stop altogether. The other thruster still works fine and I’m sending the same signal to each. Did I do something wrong when I switched the thruster blades? Maybe I tightened the blades too much. Any thoughts?

Thanks for Reading,


(Rusty) #2

Hi Grace,

I would start by checking the shaft collar on the front and make sure that it’s not pressed two tightly against the bearing. The rotor should be fairly free to spin by hand but you will feel cogging from the magnetic forces.

Let me know how that goes!


(Grace Liu) #3

I’m not too familiar with the technical terms, so I’m sorry if I misidentify something. Anyway, I removed both the shaft collar and the propeller using a screwdriver. Still, the rotor seems more difficult to spin by hand than the rotor of the thruster that is working well. Do you think that it is internally damaged and I should purchase a replacement? I tried putting a little lubrication on it, and it helped a little, but it is still not on par with the other thruster.

Thanks for your help,


(Rusty) #4

Hi Grace,

No worries. Sounds like you did the right things. I’m not sure what would cause this. We’d be happy to take a look at it and refurbish it if you’d like. Email me at rusty@bluerobotics.com if you’d like to do that.