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T200 thruster problem

i have a 3 year old br2… t200 thruster #4 only turns slowly starting and stopping.
it acts like a bad speed controler…i installed our spare esc and its still doing the same thing…
i need to know how to test the t200 on the bench… can you point me to the information i need?


Hi @deepquest,

When the ROV is off, are you able to turn the thruster freely with your hand? Try comparing the resistance with the other thrusters that are working normally - it’s possible you’ve got something caught in the thruster which is increasing the resistance and preventing it from turning properly. If that’s the case I’d recommend trying to rinse it out with water, and potentially disassembling the thruster to try to access and remove anything stuck in it :slight_smile:

For checking the performance I’d just recommend using the Motor test functionality in QGroundControl to see if the thruster seems to spin at a similar rate to the other thrusters (likely this is easiest to check by listening to the sound it makes).