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Truster trying to turn

(davo) #1

Hi all,
One of my vertical trusters stopped working today. It tries to rotate, but stops and start in small spurts. I removed propeller and everything is clean. when you rotate by hand you can feel as if something is catching. I disassembled motor by removing collars, everything is clean?
As mentioned it tries to turn?

(Luis Gamez) #2

hey @spudder

I had almost the same problem, Did you remove the magnetic coupling to check it inside? something could be stuck inside or the coupling could be corroded.

(davo) #3

Hi Luis,
yes removed coupler and found no corrosion or foreign object.
armeture is very clean.
thanks for reply Luis.

(Luis Gamez) #4

Try connecting it to another ESC

(davo) #5

I changed out the T200 Thruster.
Alls good know.
Still would like to know why the thruster packed it in as there wasn’t much dive time on it?


(Jacob) #6

Please contact support@bluerobotics.com if you have a new thruster that has failed.