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Issue Related to T200 Thruster

(Abdul Muqtadir) #1

Dear Sir,
I am using T200 thruster for my project which is a commercial product but while testing of it I got a problem which is that while running the two thruster motors one got suddenly stopped and now it is not working and neither I am getting any beep sound which usually I was getting at the time of power connection. For cross checking I have changed the ESC even swap the ESC also but there is a problem in thruster itself. Maximum totla run time of my thruster is not more than 15 hours in 20 slots almost. Because of this issue I am a bit worried about this. So kindly tell me like what can be the reasons that why it is not working and I have this motor in air for total almost 10 mins in 20 to 25 slots, and kindly tell me the life span of T200 motors. As our project needs more than 500 units of thrusters so its quit vulnerable situation for us now.

(Jacob) #2

Hello Abdul, please email support@bluerobotics.com and we can determine the cause of the problem and a suitable resolution for you.

Please, when you email us, I would like you to clarify one part of your report:

I have this motor in air for total almost 10 mins in 20 to 25 slots

This will cause the thruster to fail. Water must be present to lubricate and cool the thruster bearings. The thruster must not be run in air for more than a few seconds at a time, or it will overheat and destroy itself. Does this sound like it could be your problem?

(Abdul Muqtadir) #3

Actually 10 mins also I have given much more time, i was using it when i want to see the thruster rotation for all directions, as I am using more than 1 thrister in one unit of my project. almost 10 secs or 15 secs per cycle.