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T100 stator failure

This is the second time for me before a competition to have a failure in my T100, I don’t understand what i am doing wrong here, I never try to operate the thrusters in air. i am using bluerobotics esc and ardusub.
please advise me, is there any way to fix it soon, I disabled each part of it, I tried soldering the coil but still stator coil is damaged and can’t solder it.

You may not have done anything wrong - sometimes parts are defective, and sometimes they just get worn out. The main ‘incorrect usage’ possibility I can think of is running it too hard. As per the warning in the T100 product page learn tab and T100 Thruster Usage guide,

Is it the second failure you’ve had of a T100, or of specifically this T100? If it’s this one, how did it get repaired the first time?

What do you mean by “stator coil is damaged”? Has it come apart or something?

I haven’t worked with the T100, but it doesn’t make sense for those wires to be bare metal or they would short against each other and could pose an electrocution risk. My guess would be that they’re enamelled, or have some other electrical insulation coating, so trying to solder directly to that won’t actually join any metal wire together. If they are enamelled then you’d need to scrape off the enamel with something like a sharp knife to make an electrical join, but that is difficult to do, and exposes the wire, so I can’t recommend trying it. If you disregard that and do try to repair this yourself, please be extremely careful with electrical isolation and insulation before testing again, and remember that sharp, hot, or electrical things don’t play nice with fingers (or humans in general for that matter).

Perhaps @adam or @rjehangir can provide further insight to how the T100 is put together, but from what I understand the wires aren’t intended to come apart or be damaged, so likely the expected thing to do here is contact support@bluerobotics.com to discuss whether a repair is possible, or how you could get a replacement. Blue Robotics don’t sell the T100 anymore though, so if you specifically need a T100 you might need to try to get one second-hand from elsewhere.