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Burnt Blue Robotics T100

(Marmik Thakkar) #1


I am using blue ESCs and T100s for my ROV. During testing one of the thrusters goes rouge and spins above the defined limits which prompted us to kill the ROV. We found hot water coming out of the thruster and burnt smell from it. Upon inspection we found out that the winding was burnt!

(Adam) #2

Hi @marmik18,

I’m sorry to hear you had an issue when testing your thrusters! Was the thruster in air or in water at the time? As noted in the documentation and warnings, the T100 is not designed be run in air at all or for extended full throttle use underwater. The thruster should be run no more than a couple seconds at most in air, and no more than 30-60s at full throttle underwater.

I believe you are using a Basic ESC R3 and not an integrated BlueESC, is that correct?


(Marmik Thakkar) #3

Hi @adam

Yes i was using the Basic ESC R3 and not an integrated one, also my thruster was underwater and not in air. I usually do not run any thruster without water lubrication as i am aware that they are designed in that way. My motor was not running at full throttle, i have given a cap of 1900us instead of 2000us. Even if i consider 1900 to be full it did not even run for 15 seconds at its full capacity before burning out.

(Adam) #4

Hi @marmik18,

Although I agree it shouldn’t matter, I would like to point of the full throttle range of our ESCs is 1100-1900 μs, not 1000-2000 μs. At 1900 μs, the T100 was being run at full throttle.

What voltage was being supplied to the thruster?