Burnt of Basic ESC R3

I am using blue ESCs and T100s for my ROV. During testing the ROV, we run the thrusters with the throttle range of 1700μs in the air. While running the thrusters ,nearly after 20 seconds some sparks were come out from the XT60 connector and suddenly 3 of the ESCs were burnt out. Initially we thought there may be any short circuit happened in the circuit. But after removing the damaged ESCs from the circuit, we conduct conductivity test, there is no problem with connections and circuit. So the problem may be with ESCs.
So please tell what the problem may happened over there, and also the possible causes for the burnt of the ESC, so that we can avoid that in the future.


To clarify, are you referring to the integrated Blue ESC, which was built into the thrusters and discontinued since April 2016, or the Basic ESC R3 (which happens to be blue)?


Hii @adam
We are using the Basic ESC R3, in which the damage happened.