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Burning ESC problems

We have a big problem with a ROV build we are testing.
The ROV have performed good, but after testing today we have had problems with several ESC’s litterally burning up! Have replaced the ESC’s but when retrying the ESC have shortcutted again. It even have effected other ESC’s. Now also 3 out of 12 thrusters wont work even on a new thruster and motorcontroller.
We had a similar problem earlier and found the problem to be related to a thruster issue where there where cracks in the stator on the thruster. It seems that there is shortages in the thruster that affects the system. After inspecting the thrusters we have now I can see several dings in the stator where it is some corrosion so my guess is that this might be the same issue as earlier.

Are there anyone out there that have had similar experiences?

Some pictures:


Hi @rune, that’s definitely concerning, and clearly not how our products are supposed to operate.

Please send an email to support@bluerobotics.com with a link to this post, along with the details of how long you’ve had the components for (an order number would be useful if you’ve got one), and how you’ve been operating them (supply voltage, thrust level, time periods, water/liquid type, whether the ESCs were encased in something thermally insulating). They should be able to help determine what went wrong, and can sort out a replacement or refund as appropriate.