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Help!- ROV competition tomorrow

(zlevitt) #1

Hi all,

My robotics team recently bought the blue robotics T100 blue thrusters (with the ESCs potted and on board). Yesterday we did a pool test and it was driving and then suddenly one of the thrusters began blinking red in 1-2-3 pattern. We could not figure out what the issue was so we then replaced it. We are testing now and another thruster is now giving us a solid red light. There are no beeps. What is happening with this? I cannot find any clear documentation on what the issue it is indicating. We are sending PWM from an arduino down 40ft of cable. Please help us ASAP as we have a competition tomorrow and only 1 hour to test!!!


Zoe & the CRLS robotics team

(Rusty) #2

Hi Zoe,

I’m sorry you’re having last minute trouble! I would recommend trying to flash this updated firmware here, which helps in most cases. Let us know if it still persists after that!

Which MATE competition are you in?



(zlevitt) #3

Hi Rusty,

We are swapping the thruster now. We tried flashing the firmware yesterday and could not get it to flash.

We are in the New England MATE competition in the Ranger class tomorrow.


(Rusty) #4


Okay. I’d be happy to help you with the firmware flashing process if needed.


(zlevitt) #5


We do not have the white and green wires connected to anything now. Could that be part of what is causing the error? Also, is someone available to help me later tonight with flashing the thrusters? We need to get testing now but I will take both of the others home to try to fix them and know how to do it if it happens during the competition tomorrow.


(Rusty) #6


It’s fine that those wires are disconnected. I’d be happy to help you out tonight. Send me an email at rusty@bluerobotics.com and I’ll give you my phone number and other contact info.