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BlueEsc Problem: Blinking 1-2-3

(Sea-Tech Ranger) #1


We purchased 7 T-100 thrusters, 5 of them are now unresponsive after only 1 week. We have attempted to flash using the latest firmware fix to no avail.

You were very helpful when our shipment first arrived, and offered to help in many ways - thank you! - but you are now unavailable? We have contacted you many times via email and phone, please help.

We want to support BlueRobotics at the MATE International Event, but we’re running out of time quickly. Please call or email.


(Rusty) #2

Hi Marty,

I apologize - been traveling recently and having a hard time keeping up! I’ll answer your guys email right now and we’ll get this resolved!



(Sea-Tech Ranger) #3

Thank you Rusty - this is the kind of response we were hoping for.