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T200 shrieks like a banshee

I got my first order of BlueBobotics goodies this week; thrusters, escs, and thruster commander. One of the esc’s is doa and one thruster makes this horrible racket. Is this something I could easily repair or should it be returned?

Hi @markymark,

This is within the norm, there is an important note on the T200 product page that covers this:

Do not operate the thruster for extended periods out of water. The bearings are lubricated by the water and vibration and noise will be greater when dry.

The plastic plain bearings in the thrusters must be lubricated by water for proper operation, and may squeal or rattle when dry, especially at high speed. Running the thrusters dry in air may cause damage!

Though there does not appear to be anything wrong with this thruster, if you have a dead ESC you should contact us at support@bluerobotics.com and we will be happy to help!


You bet! I ran the thrusters for only seconds at a time in my initial testing. My concern was just that one was very quiet while the other was so noisy. Thanks for clarifying.

I’ve got a test tank set up now so all further experimentation will happen submerged.

Glad to hear it! With plain plastic bearings, tiny differences in the fit of the shaft and bearings can make a huge difference in how they should when run dry, but they will operate the same underwater regardless.