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M200 - Parts required to complete assembly?

(Saxon Jones) #1

Hi to all,

I have recently purchased a M200 motor, Nose cone and prop set. All v nice. As I am a beginner to all this I am struggling to comprehend how it will fit together. I think I will need a bearing to fit the motor shaft to the nose cone and is there another type of bracket to fit the rear of the motor to the back of the nose cone?

In hindsight it would of probably been better to buy a thruster and reverse engineer it to fit my project.

Any help would be gratefully received.



(Rusty) #2

Hi Saxon,

It’s not really possible to assemble a thruster from the M200 and components, unfortunately. While the core parts of the M200 and T200 are the same, the M200 is not actually inside the T200. It’s intended to be a waterproof motor for other applications besides thrusters.

If you’d like to exchange those parts towards a T200, please email me at rusty@bluerobotics.com.

I’m going to add a note to the M100 and M200 pages to make this more clear.



(Saxon Jones) #3

Hi Rusty,

Cheers for the quick reply, much appreciated.

At this research phase I am happy to continue with what I have, I am sure a bit of Meccano in the correct place will do fine for now.

Am I right in saying though, there should be a bearing of some description in the nose cone for the shaft? Do you have a part number/supplier ? I measured it as 5mm bore and an OD of 7mm.



(Rusty) #4


Great. The M200 already has two bearings to support the shaft so you do not need anything else!