T200 and or T500 MOTOR

I am not sure if I understand the set-up in the web-shop correctly. Do you supply complete T200 motors and T500 motors. Just core and rotor? No plastic/thruster parts? Its needed for making peripheral tools.

Hi @SDI,

Our “T” series products are for thrusters, so the T200 Thruster Core (that can be bought on the T200 Spare Components page) includes the arms for mounting the nozzle on as part of the injection-moulded base, which may make it awkward to use for other purposes (although those arms can be destructively removed if necessary, without affecting the motor operation). We don’t currently sell the T500 core by itself, although may be able to start doing so if there’s sufficient demand for it.

We do also have plans to provide freestanding versions of our T200 and T500 motors. The M200 motor should be releasing quite soon (hopefully this quarter), but the M500 still requires some design and validation work so is further out.

Just updating to mention that the M200 is now available :slight_smile: