Connecting T200 thruster motor to gear train?

The T200 has a great underwater motor. I want to hook it up to a gear train to run a winch, while using external control to ensure I don’t exceed the 4000 RPM limit or the power limit.

Are there any guides on using the T200 with gears or similar attachments instead of the propeller?

Since I don’t need the propeller or shrouding, should I buy just the ROV core instead of the whole thruster?

Assuming you’re making your own rotor, that’s likely the best option at this point, yes.

We used to sell the M100/M200 as standalone motors that weren’t built in to a thruster housing. We’re currently working on bringing back the M200 with some extra robustness, but it likely won’t be available again until some time next year (we have several ongoing development projects).

Not that I’m aware of. From a quick forum search of “T200 gear” / “M200 gear” the following comment seemed the most relevant, but you may find other interesting tidbits in other comments/threads :slight_smile:

@overblown_petri Did you have any success with this endeavor? I am looking at a similar application.

@EliotBR Is there any guess on when the M200 might be available?

I wouldn’t expect it earlier than the second half of this year, but I don’t believe we have a fixed release date planned.

Thanks, Eliot
What are the main differences beteen the T and M that might cause me problems in adapting a T200 ROV core and rotor to attach to a gear train? Is it just the stator mount? Would I have to attach the gear train to the post or the barrel of the rotor (or either)?

As I understand it the primary difference is the stator mount - the arms on the T200 Core aren’t non-destructively removable, and it doesn’t include a flat rear with holes that are intended for mounting to. The M200 Usage Guide is still available, if you want to find out a bit more about it :slight_smile:

The T200/M200 Rotor is a shared part, and I don’t expect that would change.

How you mount things is up to you. The simplest options I can think of would be

  • the two M3 propeller mount holes on the rotor face, or
  • something like a set-screw hub mounted to the shaft