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Underwater Tethered Rover

(Abyss Solutions) #1

Hey guys,

Am been wanting to get a tethered, waterproof rover project going for a while now, and thought I’d see if anyone had any experience with this so far!

Was thinking of using some old, damaged T200 thrusters I have lying around and putting that propeller shaft into a reduction gear box to make it more appropriate for spinning wheels.

For the gear box, I’ve been looking at the range of existing sets that Polulu sells and trying to interface one of these gear boxes with the T200s. Biggest problem with that is that they’re generally metal gears… which ain’t gonna react to water that well. I also imagine that a gear box exposed to the water will seize up within no time at all, so maybe a 3D printed gear box, or an oil filled metal gear box would be better?

Would use high grip rubber wheels or something similar, and make sure the rover was heavy enough such that when it was in water it would actually drive along the submerged surface.

Would love to hear people thoughts!


(Etienne Demers) #2

Hello Jordan,

I am also looking into this problem. I was thinking about using POM Acetal but that is too hard to print 3d…


(Abyss Solutions) #3

Hey Etienne,

Good to hear that someone else out there is looking into the problem!
Will give any updates if I go down the 3D printed gears option. I kinda prefer the kinda of getting a COTS oil filled gearbox and interfacing a Bluerobotics T200 with that… will update if i find anything!